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Buna bine ai venit pe forumul "Software-Tutorial Free" aici veti gasi de toate pentru PC programe, windowsuri si tutoriale BAFTA, )
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MesajSubiect: NVIDIA PhysX   Mier Feb 10, 2010 2:27 pm



NVIDIA PhysX v9.09.0930 | 34.52 MB

implementation of physics in games - not a simple task. This area is
extremely demanding to intensive computation and is based on a unique
set of natural algorithms for the implementation of which should be an
incredible number of simultaneous mathematical and logical
calculations. There can be very useful are the technology NVIDIA ®️
PhysX ™️ processor and GeForce ®️. NVIDIA ®️ PhysX - a powerful physical
engine, which provides a realistic physics in real time in the most
recent major games for the PC and console. More than 150 games can work
with the software PhysX, PhysX using the number of developers in
various areas exceeds 10,000, and the software is supported by Sony
Playstation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PK.Krome of PhysX
technology is designed specifically for hardware acceleration the use
of powerful processors with hundreds of cores.

Coupled with an
incredible ability to parallel computation GPU PhysX will provide an
exponential increase in power at the physics of failures and raise the
gaming experience to a new level, providing a rich, exciting gaming
environment with such features as: explosions, raising clouds of dust
and making everything in the ruins of Characters with complex geometry
full of connectors for a more realistic movement and interaction with
the incredible new weapon effects, producing a lasting impression
fabrics that realistically rush and wrinkle Dense smoke and fog, rising
around the moving objects is the only way to get realphysics with the
scale, sophistication and accuracy, which dramatically change your
entire gaming experience - is to use one of the millions ofNVIDIA
PhysX-ready GeForce processors.

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