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 Keys for KAV/KIS Kaspersky [22.01.2010]

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Data de înscriere : 01/01/1970

MesajSubiect: Keys for KAV/KIS Kaspersky [22.01.2010]   Mier Feb 10, 2010 4:18 pm


Keys for KAV/KIS Kaspersky [22.01.2010] | 6Mb

The given archive includes keys to following products:
» Kaspersky Internet Security 6
» Kaspersky Internet Security 7
» Kaspersky Internet Security 8
» Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5
» Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6
» Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7
» Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8
» Kaspersky Anti-Virus 9
» Kaspersky ?penSpace Security
» Kaspersky Anti-Virus for WKS&FS
» Kaspersky Internet Gateway
» Kaspersky OpenSpace Security

How to cause Kaspersky's activation 2010 through a key:
1) we Come in the manager of licenses - It is activated the new license (to remove before old licenses)
2) To activate by means of a code 3G79H-74355-DBPC8-4VX4Y
3) To wait messages on a mistake
4) Below in a window to press "review" and to choose a key file
5) To press to activate
How to remove a key?
» For versions Support-> License keys-> To remove
» For versions> the Information on the license-> To remove Service
» For versions Activation-> To remove a key
» For versions the License-> To unite/remove
» For versions the License-> To remove (a red dagger opposite to number of a key)
How to remove a key?
» For versions Support-> License keys-> To remove
How to add a key?
» For versions Support-> License keys-> To add
» For versions> the Information on the license-> To add Service
» For versions Activation-> To establish a key
» For versions the License-> To activate the appendix-> To activate by means of a key
For versions the License-> To activate the new
license-> To activate the commercial version-> enter this
st8n6-k6zet-tjwfh-xm5rj a code of activation-> after unsuccessful
check in a floor " a file of a key " we specify a way to ??????????
under the reference below a working key.

In what version there is no " black list " keys?
» In versions KAV 4.5 (Personal, Pro, Wks, FS) and KAV Personal (till 5.0.227 inclusive).

I have a key. How to receive some particulars about it?
» It is necessary to use the utility keyview.exe. The attention should be turned on Expire date, and Program Name

Whether it is possible to use the same key on many computers in a local network?
» It is possible in versions In versions there are more 2 computers in a network with one number.
What compatibility of keys?
» The key from KAV 6 approaches to KAV 6, KAV 7, KAV 8 (2009)
» The key from KAV 7 approaches to KAV 7, KAV 8 (2009), KAV 9 (2010)
» The key from KIS 6 approaches to KIS 6, KSI 7, KSI 8 (2009)
» The key from KIS 7 approaches to KIS 7, KIS 8 (2009), KIS 9 (2010)

Installation Fix'? is completed and it is possible to pass to process of activation of the program by a file-key.

Activation by a file-key after installation Fix'?:
1. Open window KAV/KIS.
2. Click under the reference "License" in the bottom of a window.
If at you the key it is necessary for removing is already established,
having clicked on a red dagger to the right of a key in a window of the
manager of licenses and for inquiry about acknowledgement of removal of
a key, answer "Yes". If the key earlier was not established, at once
pass to item 4.

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Keys for KAV/KIS Kaspersky [22.01.2010]
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